Six Million Dollar Computers and The Only Hosting Company.

This Gosport based computer and hosting Company is run by Tim and Karen O'Brien. We provide computer repairs, laptop repairs, software upgrades, wireless network installs, wired network installs, broadband provision and installation, anti-virus products (Sophos for the Business, and AVG for the individual), Anti-Spyware install, Internet Access, websites, website design, website hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Joomla Hosting, Magento Hosting, OsCommerce, in actual fact almost anything you can think to do with computers.

We will in the near future also be opening a new online shop, where you can buy hardware or software and it will be delivered to our shop within 48 hours. We can then either fit the items or you can take them away and install them yourself.

We can also offer remote control services. We can control your pc and solve problems over the internet, or give advice or the phone. Click here for the remote program.

Services are very reasonable. £45 for in house repairs/website work and £55 if you wish one of our highly experienced engineers to call to your house. If parts are to be purchased, we will take a 100% deposit for the parts. This is due to orders being made, and customers deciding not to go ahead with the work.